Miniature golf

9-hole mini golf course. We have clubs for adults and children. The fee is paid at the reception, where you will also receive balls and protocols.

kapellskärscamping - hästskokastning

Horseshoe throwing

Adjacent to the mini golf course is a course for throwing horseshoes. Equipment and other information is available at the reception.

Bicycle rental

Bicycles for adults and bicycle helmets can be rented at the reception on the campsite.

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kapellskärscamping boule


The boule court is located on the tent lawn. Globes are available to borrow at the reception.

kapellskärcamping naturreservat

Nature reserve

We are located in the Riddersholm nature reserve.

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kapellskärscamping kajak och kanot

Canoe, kayak

Kapellskär is a fantastic area for kayaking and canoeing.

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Archipelago tour

What's more summer and archipelago than a trip on the archipelago boat.

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kapellskärscamping åland


There are lots of interesting places to visit on Åland.

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Kapellskär port

From Kapellskär's harbor, ferries go to Åland with several trips daily.

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