Our marina is located in Södersundet southwest of Kapellskär harbor along the fairway towards Furusund. The harbor is well protected from all winds except direct southerly winds.

All sites have booms on both sides and are available in seven different sizes from 2.5 m to 4.0 meters wide and with boom lengths from 5 m to 8 meters.

The piers are locked with gates and barbed wire barriers. Entry takes place with personal entry cards. Within the area there is a locked parking space for cars. As we are located in a nature reserve, there is no possibility of parking trailers or winter storage in the port.

Places are only rented out seasonally. The harbor is open from the time it is ice-free, however, at the earliest on March 1 and is open until December 1.

We are affiliated with Coboats, an anti-theft cooperative. Each tenant goes one night watchman's shift per season. The night shift takes place during the period from April to October and there are two people per shift.

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